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Teeth Whitening


What is Teeth Whitening?

A beautiful smile is effective in increasing the quality of your life in so many ways.

Teeth whitening is a procedure that removes teeth stains and brightens up your smile by lightening the existing color. Teeth whitening cannot give you snow white teeth but it can help you achieve natural-looking and satisfying results. Teeth whitening is safe and the agents used during the procedure are highly potent.

Suitability for Teeth Whitening

You are an ideal candidate for teeth whitening if you:

Want a beautiful and bright smile
Want to look more approachable and presentable
Wish to improve your confidence
Are healthy and at your ideal weight
Have done your research on the procedure and the possible risks


Teeth whitening is one of the few procedures that does not require recovery time and no follow up is necessary after your session. The procedure only takes about an hour. You might experience sensitivity right after the procedure but the discomfort should wear off quickly.


As the Voila health care team, we will ensure that you have gone through all the necessary health checkups before your surgery, and always be there for you during recovery to ensure you feel your best the whole time.

Aftercare is as important as the surgery itself when it comes to boosting the effects of the procedure.

Quitting smoking and drinking during the healing process are recommended, as smoking and alcohol intake might slow down the healing and potentially affect the surgery results.

If necessary, your doctor may prescribe you painkillers.

Patience is key. A better you is on the way!


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