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How Rhinoplasty is everything?


So on the topic of surgeries, there’s one in particular that stands out and that would be rhinoplasty and quite simply a nose job. While it’s true there are a lot of different operations that drastically change the appearance of an individual, I’d say nothing comes close to Rhino! Rhinoplasty involves structurally altering the shape of one’s nose. The nose is actually one of the most important organs we possess. The shape of one’s nose visually dictates the entire look altogether. It quite literally shaves years off of one’s appearance. The result itself is determined in a few months, with the final look being determined at about a year or so. The surgeons skill is crucial as the shape has to be discussed and assessed thoroughly beforehand. The golden ratio is exercised by some skilled surgeons which means there are certain measurements of a face that creates the ‘perfect look’ so to speak! Different nose types are also preferred depending on the request of a patient interested in the operation. The post op protocol is actually not too dramatic as the healing is fast. Pain comes in the form of discomfort which is relieved in about a week with the clogs in the nose being removed. This gives you instantaneous relief and breathing! Men and women alike should consider Rhino! Our faces are exposed at all times! Confidence is key to leading a healthy and happy life!

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