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Food Intolerance Test


A food intolerance test is a test used to measure your body’s non-allergic response to certain foods. Food intolerance is different from food allergy. A food allergy is when your body is hypersensitive to certain foods and can lead to serious health problems. A food intolerance is your body’s milder reaction to certain foods and often causes symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain and headaches.

The food intolerance test can be done in three different ways: blood test, urine test and skin test. The blood test is the most widely used method. This test measures the level of antibodies your body gives to certain foods. Urine testing is a less common method. This test measures the level of metabolites your body gives to certain foods. Skin testing is the least widely used method. This test monitors your body’s reaction to certain foods.

Food intolerance testing can be useful in the following situations:

If you have recurring symptoms after eating certain foods
If your symptoms have improved after changing your diet
If the allergy test is negative
If you have a chronic illness
If you are breastfeeding your baby
Food intolerance testing should not be done unless recommended by your doctor. Food intolerance testing may give false results in some cases. That’s why it’s important to talk to your doctor before getting tested.

After having a food intolerance test, it is recommended that you eliminate the foods you are intolerant from from your diet. This will help improve your symptoms.


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