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About Us

Voila Health Tourism is a reputable establishment in the field of health tourism, that belongs to Dr.Furkan Certel and Nazlı Certel. The clinic has been active as Voila Health Tourism since 2021, however, the CEO, doctors, managers, coordinators and nurses we have on board have been actively working in the health tourism sector for years. Starting off the company Voila Health Tourism, we embrace a set of ethics to make sure the patients are getting the best service they deserve when they choose to get a surgery or treatment in Turkey. We have more than 10000+ case experience, thus, all of the staff we are working with are highly experienced in their fields. As a clinic as well as the exceptionally experienced staff, we are running all our systems under GDPR and KVKK to give you full protection of your personal data and we are managing our systems with the state of the art technology.

Due to being surgeon-owned company, our goal is to make sure to provide 24/7 healthcare services to the patient and determine the patients’ needs with the utmost medical attention and we proudly conduct the roles of medical representative, coordination and in the long term, with AfterCare. Our mission is to ensure that Voila Guests are as happy as possible, both during the clinical process and afterwards, having achieved their dreams.

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