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The importance of a Patient coordinator


As we partake in our medical journey there are certain boxes that need to be ticked off. I’d strongly say the importance of a qualified patient coordinator is one of them. While we agree on the date of operation, not much is known about the person who will be there and aid us every step of the way. The troubles and fears of the language barrier aside one needs to know that there will be someone there every step of the way ensuring we’re okay and well connected with our questions and concerns. The coordinator should be kind, proactive, welcoming, and very well-spoken. I think it eases the process when you’ve got a native speaker on your side. One might feel alone and unsure since coming to a foreign country can be quite scary for some. Especially for surgery!

Choosing providers can be exhausting but necessary. Do your thorough research before booking that trip! You won’t regret it! Better safe than sorry!