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Hernia Correction Surgery


What is Hernia Correction Surgery?

A hernia happens when an internal organ protrudes through a weak tissue or muscle. There are many types of hernias, the most common being inguinal hernia. If you have a hernia, the best thing you can do is to seek professional medical care immediately.

Hernias might be caused by repeated and great amounts of strain, such as pregnancy, improper exercise, obesity, and constipation.

Suitability for Hernia Correction Surgery

You are an ideal candidate for hernia correction surgery if you:

Experience swelling and bulging in the groin or scrotum
Experience pain and discomfort
Have difficulty lifting
Wish to improve your confidence
Are healthy and at your ideal weight
Have done your research on the procedure and the possible risks


There are different types of surgical procedures for hernia treatment. Open hernia surgery requires the surgeon to push back the bulging organ via a long incision made in the necessary area. After open hernia surgery, most patients require up to 3 weeks of recovery time. The recovery time for laparoscopic hernia surgery or robotic hernia surgery is usually around 1-2 weeks.


As the Voila health care team, we will ensure that you have gone through all the necessary health checkups before your surgery, and always be there for you during recovery to ensure you feel your best the whole time.

Aftercare is as important as the surgery itself when it comes to boosting the effects of the procedure.

Quitting smoking and drinking during the healing process are recommended, as smoking and alcohol intake might slow down the healing and potentially affect the surgery results.

Swelling is expected but it will start to go down after days 2 and 3, which are the most challenging. Just trust the process.

If necessary, your doctor may prescribe you painkillers.

Patience is key. A better you is on the way!


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