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Arm Lift


What is Arm Lift surgery?

Arm lift surgery aims to remove excess skin and fatty tissue on the upper arms. The results achieved via this procedure are highly effective over a long long period of time.

A slim and tight-looking body silhouette is considered the desired body image by the majority of people, be it men or women. And there comes the struggle for weight loss. However, after all those fruitful efforts leading up to a severe weight loss (we can count pregnancies in), something disappointing and demotivating comes up: Excess skin which does not adapt quickly enough to the reduced body volume. How much excess skin occurs after weight loss cannot be simply predicted and depends on the individual skin elasticity.

Slack upper arms, also distinguished by wrinkling of the skin, are often mentioned among the results of such a severe weight loss experience. Turning to exercise and adopting a healthy diet might be the choice of many, but targeted body contouring on the arms is particularly difficult, especially for women due to less structural muscle mass on the arms.

That’s exactly when plastic-aesthetic surgery comes to assistance by offering a particularly sustainable treatment method for those affected: in the case of an upper arm lift, excess skin material can be removed in a targeted manner. After sewing the skin cut with a fine seam, the result are tight arms that complement a slim body silhouette. However, we need to clarify that it is of utmost importance to know the type of the procedures, methods and risks of upper arm tightening by contacting a particularly experienced specialist if you wish to have this operation.

When is Arm Lifting suitable?

An upper arm lift surgery is suitable for patients whose primary concern is an excessive amount of arm skin. Like mentioned before, this occurs particularly frequently after a severe weight loss, such as is the case after pregnancy.

However, sagging upper arms can also arise in the course of the usual aging process. The most common reason for this is that the skin elasticity and the tensile force of the connective tissue decrease over time. Hence, the skin sags on certain areas of the body and leads to the unpleasant wrinkly arms.

Which surgeon should I contact for an upper arm lift?

Particularly in the case of undergoing major surgical interventions, the choice made for the right specialist is of great importance. A personal consultation therefore plays a major role in getting to know the doctor well from the start and building up a basis of trust for a healthy doctor-patient relationship. Taking the desires and wishes of the patient seriously, it is an experienced doctor’s responsibility to guide the patient towards a healthy and realistic goal.

Skilled surgeons in procedures such as upper arm lift are well qualified specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Please click here to get more information about our highly experienced surgeons. Voila Clinic surgeons have combined more than 40 years of experience and other professional qualifications. Please click here to check our dear patients’ opinions and reviews on their wonderful medical journeys made with Voila. You have the right to feel comfortable in the clinic you choose, and we are trying to provide you with the best possible service in every aspect along this very adventure of yours.

How is an upper arm lift performed?

In any case, the treatment area is anaesthetised, and usually the entire procedure takes place under general anesthesia, so that the patient is unconscious of the operation does not feel any pain.

Before an upper arm lift surgery, one should be aware that long skin cuts are often unavoidable. On the area where the cut will be made, the remaining skin is sutured and the entire upper arm is so tightened. This surgery results in a great success when permanently removing large excesses of skin and tissue.

Where the incision takes place is ultimately determined jointly by the patient and the doctor. In most cases, however, the scars are concealed on the inside of the arm.

How long does the result of an upper arm lift last?

As long as you do not expand the skin on your arm as a result of extreme weight gain and subsequent weight loss, it is not quite possible for you to have sagging on your arms ever again. Should the skin nevertheless lose elasticity again and sink down, the arm tightening can be repeated over the same scars without needing to create new ones.


As the Voila health care team, we will ensure that you have gone through all the necessary health checkups before your surgery, and always be there for you during recovery to ensure you feel your best the whole time.
Aftercare is as important as the surgery itself when it comes to boosting the effects of the procedure.
Make sure you keep yourself propped up with multiple pillows while lying down or sleeping.
Swelling is expected but it will start to go down after day 2 and 3, which are the most challenging. If necessary, your doctor may prescribe you painkillers.
Patience is key. A better you is on the way!


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