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Is having surgery in Turkey safe?


As we all very well know, there’s a very long-standing negative connotation on Turkey surrounding the medical field and surgeons alike. While there have been reports of horrendous incidents, I’d like to say that it would be rather unfair to judge a whole lot by a few instances of malpractice. There are many variables to consider when choosing the correct clinic. One should research numerous things such as:

Reviews – Legit testimonials. Using outlets like Trustpilot, for instance, would prove wise when considering a clinic or surgeon. A reputable source with clear, unaltered reviews.

Documents and Licenses – Important certifications should be asked for. It’s the patient’s right to know that the practice is fully legalized under the Ministry of Health. There are a lot of establishments that are hole-in-the-wall operations that unfortunately lead to the terrible assumption that Turkey, in general, is not the place to do anything medical-related. One must be careful and do a thorough check on everything first.

Customer Service – While this might appear under reviews, it’s important to be advised by the correct medical advisor. They must be professional and willing to aid in the decision-making process. There must never be a language barrier as this would definitely shake trust. An organization should be well-equipped from top to bottom with well-trained and capable staff.

My closing thoughts would be to just be confident in making your decision as well as smart. This is a life-changing choice and requires careful analysis and effort, in short. Turkey is an amazing venue and one of the world leaders in medical advances. I believe ‘A lie is halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on.’